– handpick the best luxury hotels to meet the highest standards just for you

At King’s Africa, We take pride in the individuality and authenticity of each of the properties, they are handpicked by our travel experts to meet the highest standards with respect to environment, design, service, cuisine, facilities and sustainability, all aspects affecting guest comfort, convenience and spirit. To us, hospitality is not an industry; it’s an art… and our biggest passion. From Kenya to Namibia, five-star safari lodges in Africa are everywhere. Think luxuries suites with outdoor bathtub on the wooden terraces, private infinity poolsand even private helipads with a sweeping view of the Great Rift Valley’s volcanic hills. At these lavish safari tents in Africa, guests get up close and personal with the world’s most fascinating wildlife—without compromising comfort. Not to mention the number of world-class luxury resorts on all the exotic and remote white-sand beaches across Africa, Each celebrates the culture of its destination. Depending on your budget and preference we are here to assist you to find your one-of-a-kind “home” on the most beautiful and unique continent Africa.